What do I do first?

Please come in and watch one of our instructional classes! Don’t Google CrossFit videos, the internet will scare you away. The first thing you notice when you come in and watch a training session is the different skill levels of all the participants, yet everyone is working out together and supporting one another.

We have a very different attitude at our gym compared to many other CrossFit gyms. Our first focus is that you move well. Our trainers will COACH you, not yell at you to move faster or try and get you to do something you don’t want to do or are not truly capable of doing. At that same time, we also encourage the sport of CrossFit. CrossFit is a life long journey of fitness. We enjoy the process.

Is this for me?

Absolutely! Your needs and the Olympic athlete’s differ by degree not kind. Increased power, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy are each important to the world’s best athletes and to our grandparents. The amazing truth is that the very same methods that elicit optimal response in the Olympic or professional athlete will optimize the same response in the elderly and kids. Of course, we can’t load your grandmother with the same squatting weight that we’d assign an Olympic skier, but they both need to squat. In fact, squatting is essential to maintaining functional independence and improving fitness. Squatting is just one example of a movement that is universally valuable and essential, yet rarely taught to any but the most advanced of athletes. Through painstakingly thorough coaching and incremental load assignment, CrossFit Zachary has been able to teach anyone who can care for themselves to perform safely and with maximum efficacy the same movements, weight training, and cardio endurance typically utilized by professional coaches in elite and exclusive environments.


What if I don’t want to be an athlete; I just want to be healthy?

You’re in luck. We hear this often, but the truth is that fitness, wellness, and pathology (sickness) are measures of the same entity, your health. There are a multitude of measurable parameters that can be ordered from sick (pathological) to well (normal) to fit (better than normal). These include but are not limited to blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, body fat, muscle mass, flexibility, and strength. It seems as though all of the body functions that can go awry have states that are pathological, normal, and exceptional and that elite athletes typically show these parameters in the exceptional range. The CrossFit view is that fitness and health is the same thing. It is also interesting to notice that the health professional maintains your health with drugs and surgery, each with potentially undesirable side effect whereas the CrossFit Coach typically achieves a superior result always with “side benefit” vs. side effect.

Is the WOD enough?

Part of the CrossFit training philosophy includes pursuing/learning another sport or activity, and many people that follow the CrossFit training program are also martial artists and competitive athletes in a variety of disciplines. However, if you work the WODs hard, you will find yourself at an improved level of fitness, and for lots of us, the WOD is our primary “sport.” If you pursue another activity, you will need to balance your work/rest cycles and be sure to allow for recovery. Sometimes, you will need extra days off or to consider a WOD as “active rest” done at a lower intensity.

Once you realize CrossFit Zachary is the place for you, there are several options for you to continue your training with us.