September Spotlight Athlete- Rick Caraway


September is Rick’s one year anniversary month at CrossFit Zachary and it’s very appropriate that he’s our Spotlight Athlete. When Rick began with us last year he already had membership at a local gym but wasn’t finding the consistency and results he wanted. Here’s what he had to say about that, “I was a member of another gym but never went. I was wasting money. I kept seeing the CrossFit Zachary sign on Highway 19, so I stopped in one day and met Fabian. When he told me about how it was structured, I knew the set times for classes was for me...I was willing to give it a try.”

Rick’s reason for coming into CFZ is something we hear often. “I wanted to feel better and have more energy. The aging process has set in and I want to do everything I can to feel good and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “ We love that perspective on fitness and work hard to elevate the quality of life for all our clients.

We asked Rick to tell us a little bit about those first couple of days with us.
“First impression of seeing everyone workout and doing such hard work was very intimidating. But the intimidation went away fairly quickly because the classes are all about individuals striving to do the best with what they have...and everyone knows that. Everyone encourages fellow CrossFitters with cheers, claps and laughs.”

Everyone loves that first compliment you receive after putting in so much hard work to get your body in shape. Rick told us about his, “My first big bright spot was when someone I had not seen in about 6 months asked me what I was doing to myself. They said I looked great and said they they could see a change in my body. I knew something was working!”

It’s important when our clients come to us that they have a few goals in mind. We use these goals as guide post for us to help them during their fitness journey. Rick’s personal goals are to “…try to gain more muscle and be consistent with coming to class (work schedule unfortunately gets in the way, darn it!)” We can definitely help him reach these goals and when we see our clients haven’t been around for a while, they can definitely expect a text from us.

Last but not least Rick told us about his stand out moments with us in the last year. “My first big moment was when I shaved off close to 6 minutes on one of the baseline workouts after six months of joining. When Cheri wrote my initial time on the board with my new time...I almost fell out...such a fantastic feeling. Another moment was actually today! Climbing the ropes! My form was not the best, but I made it to the ceiling!”

Rick has come a long way with us at CFZ and is committed to continuing his achievements. We can’t wait to see what’s next for him. Congratulations to him on all his success!

Fabian Herrera