August Spotlight Athlete- Austin Beauchamp


“I came back to CrossFit in the fall after doing the CrossFit Kids class with Coach Fabian several years before. I had tried the YMCA over the summer with a friend but I didn't feel any drive to go since I felt as if I wasn't able to push myself hard enough to make any real improvement. I decided to cancel my membership there and a few weeks later I remembered CrossFit and how much fun I had there, working with other people in that kind of environment. When I did my Foundations class the first thing Coach Kelbert made me do was use the Assault Bike for 3 minutes to warm up. At that point I doubted if I could actually do a real class if just 3 minutes of work made me that tired. Though all it turned out to be was that I was out of shape and pushing too hard. The moment I realized that I could keep up with the class and work at a good level was when I started to really see the huge improvements I had made since I started. My favorite memory from CrossFit was my first MURPH event. I had never done any big community event like it and I was really nervous that I wasn't going to be able to complete it but after finishing I felt great, because I had been able to commit to something that was challenging to me and finish it. I still have a long way to go but I enjoy every class because of the people there who encourage me and everyone else to push harder and come back the next day, no matter how sore you may be.”

This month we want to celebrate an athlete that started off in our CrossFit Kids class and is back with us as a young adult. Austin is the picture of what hard work, consistency and dedication looks like. He doesn’t miss and when he’s here he gives his all. He explains in his own words how challenging it was to begin again after leaving CFZ for a while but now that he’s back we’ve seen him excel and conquer those challenges.


Congratulations to Austin for all his hard work. He’s an inspiration to us all and we can’t wait to see what other challenges he conquers in his life. CrossFit has given him the mindset to tackle any and everything that comes his way.

Fabian Herrera