• WOD Prep and Recovery

    WOD Prep and Recovery

    By Travis Links

    With the games fast approaching most cross-fitters are gearing up to push themselves during  the Open WODs. It is human nature to try to “win” at everything we do, survival of the fittest if you will.  As we venture into this season of the games, I want to remind everyone that the programming for the games is to test the best athletes in the world against one another. These athletes are strong enough and skilled enough generally to protect themselves against injury. Although it would be ideal, not everyone is lucky enough to have either the skill or the strength to stay healthy when competing. Sure, it’s a blast; many athletes even just do it for the experience! However, It is important to remember your foundational movements. Sometimes these fundamental movements are forsaken for new fringe movements in order to keep things exciting. If this happens, be honest with yourself and stick to the movements that got you where you are. For the majority of you it is a competition with yourself and not against the athletes at your box or across the country. Keep your health in mind and listen to your body.

    Now, onto nutrition before a competition. It is broken down into a chart so you can see what you should eat the day of a competition. Keep in mind these are not paleo or even based on any type of diet but rather a compilation of research, what LSU does before athletic events, and my own personal experience in athletics.

    Remember also that hydration is extremely important and should be done beginning several days before competition.

    3-5 Hours prior to the WOD
    • -Baked potato and a glass of milk.
    • Baked bean and toast
    • -fruit salad and yogurt
    • Roll with cheese and bananapasta or rice with a low fat sauce. (beware of this one for indigestion, i recommend this one in the 4-5 hour range)
    1-2 Hours prior to WOD
    • Liquid meal supplement with between 10 and 20 carbs
    • yogurt
    • cereal bar
    • fruit
    • 12 oz smoothie
    1 hour before WOD until WOD
    • sports drink
    • sports bar
    • carbohydrate gel

    Warm up is also crucial at this point. Flexibility is hugely important in the viability of muscle integrity. Remember, to stretch both statically and ballistically before your competition. Stretch statically well before the WOD (20-30 minutes) and ballistically closer to the WOD making sure your musculature (especially those to be used in the WOD) is warm and moving with ease.

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