We are not your typical gym. We don’t have treadmills and certainly don’t have weight machines!

At CFZ, every member becomes part of our family. It begins when you come in for your first visit. You’ll meet other CFZ members and sit down with a Coach to discuss your goals. During your Foundations program, you’ll get to know the Coaching Staff and they will become familiar to you. As you join group classes, you’ll notice that our members have a wide range of skills, abilities and experience. Everyone is welcome, encouraged, coached, and cheered.

CFZ members join for a variety of reasons – to lose weight, improve their health, improve their athletic performance, and for a fun way to exercise. Whatever the reason, most members come to view CrossFit as a way of life, and as a result, our members have created a uniquely motivating environment. The positive energy is contagious and your workouts will never be boring again!

CrossFit Zachary holds faith, community, and fun as a top priority in our lives. We are so thankful for the blessings God has given us with the amazing community at CFZ.

You will receive attentive, qualified, enthusiastic coaching every time you workout with us.

    • You will receive encouragement and support from both your coaches and your fellow members.
    • You will learn and develop new skills, you will get stronger, build endurance, feel more confident, you will increase your current fitness level.
    • You will have fun working out.
    • You will sweat.
    • You will be part of a distinct community, dedicated to improving themselves, each other and the community around them.
    • You will be able to measure your progress. You will literally see your results as you record your achievements.
    • You will not hear cell phones, televisions, negative comments, complaining, excuses.
    • You will not get bored by the same old routine.
    • You will not be anonymous. Group size remains adequate to ensure quality instruction and interaction for everyone.