• What’s in Store for our Programming?

    What’s in Store for our Programming?






    Classic CrossFit. That is what we have coming. Bailey is back to his programming lab creating the next series of programming. A lot of us saw some awesome results with our squat cycle. Now, its time to apply it to a lot of classic CrossFit WODs! Our programming is created with a lot of you guys in mind. We have increased the volume and workouts that include accessory work at the end of the workout. These accessory movements will help strengthen some weak shoulders. The result, stronger compound movements and better WOD results. Not to mention bigger muscles. In June you will see a lot of pressing, chest exercises and mobility in the Cash out section. Make sure you stay and complete these exercises. Grab a coach if you are not sure what one of the movements are.

    In closing,  if you want to get better at a skill or want more specialized programming for your own individual needs, schedule a private training with your coach thirty minutes before class. We offer great personal training rates for all current members.

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    REMINDER: All WODs are posted for the entire week. You can plan your week ahead of time with your training.


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