• We Have Perfect Bar’s at CFZ

    We Have Perfect Bar’s at CFZ

    We know you’ve done it before and so have we. You get to the gym, get a good workout in and then you’re starving afterwards but it’s at least an hour or more till you can get some healthy eating in. That’s where Perfect Bar comes to the rescue. These protein bars are new to CrossFit Zachary and we know you’ll love every flavor. They’re packed with protein and all kinds of good stuff to fuel your muscles and hold you till you’re able to get that big meal in. The good folks that make Perfect Bar care about what goes into your body. That’s why each bar is non GMO, gluten free and there are a number of organic options as well. You can actually read and understand the ingredients!

    You have to stop by the fridge in the box and pick up your favorite flavor and give it a try and if you’re nice, share a piece with a friend! We know you’ll be back time and time again and we’ll keep it stocked and ready for you!

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