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    The October cohort of the Virtue Nutrition Coaching program is currently seeking up to 10 men and women that have been seeking to change their body composition in a meaningful way. 

    Over the course of a year you will work one on one with a coach to reach your health, fitness, and body composition goals in a way that is sustainable and permanent. 

    Questions about the Virtue Nutrition Coaching Program.

    Who is the program best suited for?

    • This program is for everyday men and women that are looking for a way to lose bodyfat and improve their health that is sustainable and permanent. I coach REAL people with REAL jobs and lives and work with these men and women to find an approach to healthy eating and lifestyle practices that stand up to the test of life’s challenges.
    • This is not a pre-contest diet for bodybuilders or another ridged dogmatic diet.    

    Do I have to weigh and measure my food or count calories, macros, points, blocks, carbs or anything else?

    • No, this program is meant for you to learn proper nutrition and to make it work for you in the context of a busy lifestyle.  If you have hands and the ability to count to five you can be successful at this program and achieve results like these.

    Why is it a year long or why does it take so long?

    • We often over estimate what we can do in a couple of weeks and vastly underestimate what we can accomplish over the course of a year.  The longer that it takes for you to get in shape the longer the shape will stay!

    How does the program work?

    • The program is a habit-based curriculum where you get the opportunity to practice a strategic nutrition habit every two weeks.  You will receive a lesson about the habit you are practicing every day in your email inbox. You also can contact your coach through the software whenever you get stuck or have questions. Your coach will check in with you regularly to keep you accountable and ensure optimum progress.

    What does it cost?

    The Virtue Coaching program cost is $179 a month and $100 a month for those who sign up for pre-sale pricing.  Get on the presale list by Saturday October, 14th to secure your spot in the October Cohort and save big. You participate in the same coaching process that has helped more than 45,000 people lose over a MILLION pounds of body fat and change their lives in a meaningful and permanent way.

    You can contact coach Luke at, luke@virtuenutrition.com

    or visit, virtuenutrition.com


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