• Time to Hit The Reset Button

    Time to Hit The Reset Button

    by Craig Hysell

    Courtesy of Conviction Training

    Starting something over again is hard. Probably harder than starting something new.

    If it’s “new”, you have a general idea of what may happen, but you don’t really have a clue. This naiveté can be a blessing.

    Starting something over again means you already know what you will be putting yourself through.

    There’s no naiveté this time and focusing on the wrong things can amplify The Suck factor immensely as well as decrease your chances of success considerably.

    Don’t let the wrong mindset hurt you. You’re too awesome for that.

    There are many outstanding opportunities inside “beginning again” if you’re paying attention.

    Here are 7 ways you can Crush The Fitness “Reboot”:

    1. Have Fun. You’re starting over again. So, who cares? You have the guts to not make excuses and try again so chill out. There’s nothing to prove to anybody but yourself. Laugh a lot more this time around. The more you do this, the more you’ll see what I mean.

    2. Make the time. You left before and your body will try to convince you it’s okay to leave again. It’s not. You must make up your mind and just decide to do this. Everybody gets time in their day to do something for themselves. Do not sacrifice your “Me Time” for anything except a family emergency. Be stout in this.

    3. Let go where you “were”. You are not who you were “then”. So shut up and quit stressing about it. You are you now. You can learn how to do it better, safer, smarter. You are a veteran. You have experience. Focus on this. It’s not about what you did in the past, it’s about how your past can make your today and your tomorrow that much better.

    4. Focus on progress, not perfection. Progress is the key to happiness. If you get one more rep than you did last week, if you move 1 pound more than you did yesterday, if you ran one second faster, eat one less sugary snack, drank 1 more ounce of water, you’re improving. Don’t let your vision of where you should be interrupt your enjoyment of improving at Your Practice. Keep a training log, sleep 7-8 hours a night and eat clean. It’s simple.

    (Need 3 quick video tutorials to fire you up and get yo’ head right? CLICK HERE!)

    5. Meet “The Newbies”. When you left, you knew everybody and you were The Shit. When you come back, you might not know everybody. There might be somebody in “your spot” or using “your favorite bar” or something weird. Get over it. Life moves on and all you need to do is ride in the stream instead of fight the current. Get to know the new people, chances are they are just as awesome as you are and you’re going to make some new friends… just like the first time you were here. You’re still The Shit.

    6. Go easy. I know this is counter-intuitive. Here’s what I mean by it: By all means, suck the marrow out of every training session, but do it intelligently. Begin differently than last time. Invest yourself in the experimentation of better options, solidify at least one measurable goal, adapt your plan and let go your old numbers (in fact, lock your old training log away for 1 year: that’s not you anymore). Instead, focus on better technique with lighter weights drilled at higher reps to build muscle/joint health quickly and try shorter runs at higher intensity to raise your cardio and burn fat faster. This article articulates this point.

    7. Think long-term. How can you do this for the rest of your life? Immediate gratification is for teenagers. It is folly. The easier it is to get “a thing” the less it is respected or appreciated. “Easy” has no staying power. Instead, focus on kaizen, the practice of daily gratitude, mindfulness and always approach things with a beginner’s curiosity.

    If you decide to do these things your reboot will become revolutionary. How cool is that?

    You get another chance to do it even better than last time. Make sure you focus on the right details and enjoy yourself.

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