• This Mama of 3 Makes the Time to Stay Consistent

    This Mama of 3 Makes the Time to Stay Consistent

    What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

    My husband brought me to CrossFit.  Once Adam started, he kept telling me he thought CrossFit would be something I would enjoy.  I was skeptical because I had never touched a barbell in my life, but I decided I was ready for a challenge.

    What was your first impression? How has that changed?

    My first impression was that I was afraid I wouldn’t be-able to “keep up” with the class.  That has changed, because the Coach’s are always willing to scale the movement to your level.  Also, there is such a sense of community and everyone is not only there to work on themselves, but to encourage each other to do their best no matter what level you are.

    What was your first “bright spot, (PR)?

    There have been many bright spots since I began CrossFit, but when I PR’d my squat clean @ 95 pounds during the 2017 Open is probably the most significant

    What are you working on now?

    My goal for this year is to get double unders. Any tips are welcome 🙂

    What’s your favorite CrossFit Zachary memory?”

    My favorite CrossFit Zachary memory is the 2017 Open.  All 5 weeks were so much fun and it really provided the opportunity to push yourself to limits you didn’t know were possible!

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