• The Tiffster, Talks About Running With CrossFit

    The Tiffster, Talks About Running With CrossFit

    1.  What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
    I initially was introduced to CrossFit Zachary as a PumpFit member.  As a distance runner I’m ins many half marathons, I wanted to get stronger and cross training was recommended.  I participated in a promotion and was hooked!!  After doing PumpFit for months, I realized that it was time to step up my workout game so I transitioned over to CrossFit.
    2.  What was your first impression?  How has that changed?
    My first impression of the CrossFit box and staff was that they were friendly, motivated individuals who wanted to help others achieve their goals.  My first impression is still accurate to this day!! I love the staff and how they take such an interest in your CrossFit training and any other sports you participate in outside of CrossFit.
    3.  What was your first “bright spot, (PR)? 
    My first “bright spot” was when I could physically see the changes in how my body looked and felt as a result of the carefully scheduled workouts.  Not only did I notice it, but many others as well!! There is no brighter spot than that type of achievement.
    4.  What are you working on now?
    I am still a distance runner and have actually increased my distance!! Now, since I am a stronger runner because of CrossFit, I am tackling marathons!!!  Yes, that is 26.2 miles!!! 🙂 Even though I get a lot of cardio while training for marathons, the strength and endurance training I experience in CrossFit is an added benefit.
    5.  What’s your favorite CrossFit Zachary memory?  
    My favorite CrossFit Zachary memories is sharing my excitement and love for the sport with many of my friends, and seeing them benefit from it just as much as I have.  I love to share great things, and CrossFit Zachary is definitely one of the most amazing things that I can share with friends and strangers!


    If you want to be a true testimonial like Tiffany or run next to her come try a free intro class at CrossFit Zachary. 

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