• Tarra Joseph: From Runner to CrossFit Believer 

    Tarra Joseph: From Runner to CrossFit Believer 

    I signed up for CrossFit after attending some PumpFit classes with Tiffany Thomas.   I was also informed that if I wanted to increase my BMI I needed to incorporate some weight training.  My first impression was that of confusion and amazement when I attended my first CrossFit class.  The confusion did not last very long thanks to the great leadership, assistance, and Cheryl allowing me to question/watch her in the gym. I am still amazed everyday because everyday is a new and different day.  I was a little skeptical of all that Fabian told me about how the class would improve my endurance and help me with my running.  The first thing that crossed my mind was that he would say whatever he needed to say to get me to “sign that contract”! But after 2 months I must say “I AM A CROSSFIT BELIEVER!”

    I ran a half-marathon in March 2015 and finished with a time of 3:38:15 and on October 18, 2015 finished a half-marathon with a time of 2:46:23–that is only after 3 months of crossfit training.  I finished that race without feeling exhausted and most importantly no injuries.  I will also admit that I have learned how to do interval running thanks to Ernise Singleton (another crossfit member) which I think also added to my performance.  I will continue to work on my endurance to hopefully shorten that half-marathon time but most importantly I am working towards completing  my first FULL MARATHON in January 2016! My favorite crossfit memory is when I told Fabian that I didn’t get to ring the bell after my first CF workout and my FIRST Rx workout was not posted on FB–why is this my favorite memory–because I get to smile every time he informs a new member to ring the bell–I LOOK AT HIM and we both smile!


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