• Spotlight Athlete of the Month- Jeff Richards

    Spotlight Athlete of the Month- Jeff Richards

    When someone walks into a CrossFit box there are a number of reasons one might have. It may be to add strength or improve conditioning. In some cases it’s also to improve one’s health and avoid chronic illness. Jeff walked into our box with his health in mind and he’s already seen amazing results. Coach Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, has been on a campaign to reduce and eliminate diabetes through the result of hard work and dedication to the programming provided in a CrossFit gym. Jeff has proven that can happen.

    Jeff came into CrossFit Zachary at the age of 49 with the goal of losing weight before his 50th birthday. As you can see he’s done just that! When he received the report that he was pre-diabetic that was another reason he put his health first and decided to give CrossFit a try. He’s happy to report that he’s no longer pre-diabetic. He’s living proof that what Coach Glassman wants to prove works.

    We asked Jeff what his first impression was when he walked into CFZ and how has that changed. His response was ” I was fearful of getting hurt. But after a couple weeks of careful supervision from the staff I learned how to stretch and I felt more comfortable. I look forward to being with my workout family.” He’s even completing his first CrossFit Game open and gaining even more confidence.

    All of our new clients perform a benchmark workout to see where they are with their fitness level. After performing this a second time some weeks later Jeff beat his original time by thirty seconds. He still has a goal to continue to work on his diet and with that to lose more weight. If he keeps crushing it like he has been doing he’ll get to where he wants to be in no time! Good work Jeff and you definitely deserve this month’s spotlight.

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