• September Spotlight Athlete

    September Spotlight Athlete

    Do You Know Kaycie?
    Kaycie Oliphant
    Height: 5″3
     Weight: 130
    Started your journey at CFZ: Sep 2014
     Snatch: 75 lbs
     Clean: 95 lbs
     Married to: divorced & single
     Children: School: Gavin, Garrett & Grayson : Slaughter
     Occupation: Imaging tech: CT, X-ray, Mammo, MRI
    1. How/Why did you start CrossFit Zachary? I have always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out, but felt a little     intimidated by crossfit. I always thought I wasn’t in shape or strong enough to do that type of training,     but I finally gave in to friends Tatum & Darren telling me I’d love and to just give it a try. So I finally     decided to call and sign up for the foundations class.
    2. First CrossFit WOD?
        I did foundations first and remember thinking Oh my I’m so out of shape, I hope I can get through this     workout so I can make it to the next one, lol. 1/2 Cindy was our last workout or graduation from     foundations.
    3. What has improved since starting CFZ?
        Everything! When I first started, I couldn’t do a push-up, pull-up, double-unders, and many more     staples in cross-fit! I have improved in every aspect of training! Every day I feel I’m making progress,     maybe small baby steps but to me that’s success! I’ve always been weak in my upper body strength,     couldn’t clean 45 lbs. or deadlift 145 lbs., now I’m up to 95 lbS. clean and 225 deadlift just under a yr later,     so for me that’s where I’m shocked in my progression.
    4. How has CF changed your life?
        I have not regretted the decision to start CF not once, I’m hooked! I feel like I’m part of a great family of     people who care about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve never felt more supported, motivated, or     received as much instruction as I have at CFZ! It has boosted my confidence, changed my body, and     changed my perception of what a healthy and strong body should look like.
    5. Do you have a favorite WOD or movement?
        I typically love EMOMS, who doesn’t? lol Squats of all forms and box jumps I guess because I’m     stronger in my legs lol. But honestly I’m in for whatever, even the love/hate relationship movements     and WODs 🙂
    6. What are your short-term and long-term CF Goals?
        I want to continue to improve my upper body strength. I’m determined to get kipping pull-ups and     double unders down pat! I want to maintain my dedication of going 3-5 days a week, which I said in     foundations that was my commitment that I’ve stuck to unless injured or on vacation 🙂
    7. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
        I went to school in Mississippi
    8. What’s your favorite quote?
        Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how your react to it. Surround yourself around positive people and positive things are bound to happen.
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