• PumpFit Special

    PumpFit Special

    How many times have we heard people say they are afraid of barbells and CrossFit? Let’s just say it’s been more than once. We don’t want fear to be the one thing that keeps you from pursuing a healthy lifestyle. You deserve to be able to do everything possible to be as fit as possible. Here’s where we come in. We have just the program for you and it’s called PumpFit. These classes are in a group setting with a coach who has high energy and is ready to get you on the path to being the fittest you. What makes this the class for you is that there are no barbells but there’s a lot of body movements and high, intense exercises designed to get the heart rate up and the body moving. There’s no olympic movements and strength portions in the class but you’ll still find yourself getting stronger and stronger while getting incredibly lean and fit. Come out and see all body types giving it their all and motivating and encouraging each other. Here’s the best news of all. This month if you sign up for PumpFit you’ll get the next month on us. That’s right. Buy one month get one month free. Shoot us a message for more information or stop by and we’ll be happy to show you around and get you signed up for PumpFit.

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