• Performance vs. Fitness

    Performance vs. Fitness

    You’ve been hearing a lot of talk about goals and where you want to be in 3 months. After the Open it’s the perfect time of year to ask those questions and figure out some answers. It seems like there are a few specific directions that we all want to go but at the end of the day we all want to end up being the most fit and best version of ourselves we can be.

    At CrossFit Zachary you’ll begin to see a few different options when you take a look at the Workout of the day. Let’s talk about it for a while. When you come into the box you’ll have the option of doing the “performance” workout or the “fitness” workout. Neither program is harder or easier than the other. This is where your goals come in. Each program hits a certain goal you’ve set for yourself.

    If you find you want to perform such movements as muscle ups, handstand walks or these types of movements that require quite a bit of skill you’ll want to choose the “Performance” programming. This is where you’ll begin to fine tune your skills and work on those gymnastic movements. The “Fitness” program will have more modified movements but don’t be deceive. It definitely has it challenges as well. The volume will be greater and the intensity will be high which makes this program perfect for movement correction, body composition goals and boosting general health and fitness. This challenges athletes on more of a cellular level and is extremely challenging if you go as heavy as possible in the strength work and follow the prescriptions i.e. the tempo, rep range, interval intensity, etc.

    You’ll hear more about it this week as the coaches will be right there helping you each day to decide what’s best for you until you get the hang of it. If you have any questions definitely ask us. We’re excited to give you guys every possible option to get to the place you want to get in your fitness.

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