• November Spotlight Athlete

    November Spotlight Athlete

    I remember when Kalieb first walked into the gym and wanted to get started with CrossFit. He was and still is pursuing his acting career. Kalieb was ready and sure enough he has never turned back. He is one of our most consistent athletes that gets to the gym early and preps himself for the WOD.

    Kalieb started with one of our Foundations classes. Here’s how Foundations Program

    Height: 5’7

    Weight: 196 lb

    Started: Feb. 2015

    Snatch: 185 lb
    Clean: 225 lb
    Not married
    No kids

    1. I started Crossfit Zachary at first do to a up coming movie roll that I had at the time!

    2. If I remember correctly my first WOD was really easy. Some running and wall ball shots !

    3.Everything has improved since starting CFZ! Not just physically, also emotionally!

    4. Crossfit has changed my life really more than I excepted. It makes me fill like I can do anything even if it’s not a WOD. Crossfit is more than a workout, it’s a way of life!!

    5. I would say my favorite Movement would be power cleans!, but I pretty much like almost everything lol. I like to challenge myself.

    6. My Short term goal is to make sure I fulfill my long-term goal, and that is to be a great athlete!

    7. One thing most ppl don’t know about me is that I’m a lot younger than I look !!! Lol

    8.” Progress is impossible without change, and a man that can not change his MIND can not change anything.”

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