• November Athlete Spotlight- Donnie Myers

    November Athlete Spotlight- Donnie Myers

    This month’s athlete is the perfect example of why everyone in the CrossFit community shows up each and everyday to their local box. At the end of the day, improvement of health is the best thing we can offer and Donnie’s journey is one that proves that. Here’s what he had to say about his time here at CrossFit Zachary.
    “I am 43 and have been fighting (in denial) poor general health. I went for another check up with my doctor to have some blood work done for another prescription refill. I’ve never felt like I let myself down until that day. The meds where not working and all the bad numbers where increasing. I was angry with myself and was able to convince him to delay increasing the doses for 3 months. That was the day I called CrossFit Zachary for an intro.
    Getting started at the gym was not intimidating, I was initially concerned. I had the stereotype of the muscle head stuck in my brain. I didn’t know if I could do it or if I’d be embarrassing myself because I was so poorly conditioned. I sucked up my pride and accepted I was there to better myself and jumped in with both feet. I could not have been more accepted anywhere else. I was called by name immediately. I am part of the family and look forward to working hard with all of the like minded “normal” folks that show up for the same reasons I do which is working hard to get better.
    My first true PR was the blood work taken after three months. When the doctor called and told me I had to come in for the results, it came out in our talk that he needed to lay eyes on me to make sure the results where truly mine. All of my numbers have fallen into the normal ranges and currently I have lost 20 lbs. That was a great conversation when the doctor talked about removing all meds next go round!
    I’m working hard. My dark place motto when the work out gets hard is “don’t walk a single step.” I enjoy the feeling when the WOD is over. In a crazy way, I like seeing the sweat rolling off of me. I look forward to the little things such as getting double unders worked out and not doing singles during a WOD. I WILL get muscle ups. SOON.
    My favorite CFZ moments are at the end of the WOD, the knuckle bumps, the good job head nods and the cashing out BS talks before we head out to end our days, looking forward to tomorrow already. I am proud to be a cross fitter and part of this family of people that are like me, and coaches who truly have our best results physically and personally at their heart.
    Thanks and Peace!”
    To say we’re proud of Donnie is an understatement. What he’s done since his time here is not just for him but for anyone who commits to the program and shows up everyday. Shoot us a message if you’re ready to be a healthier version of you.
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