• Nicole: CrossFit Helped Me Have A Healthy Pregnancy.

    Nicole: CrossFit Helped Me Have A Healthy Pregnancy.

    I decided to try Crossfit when I became bored with group classes and was not getting the results I wanted. I was nervous about trying Crossfit thinking I was not strong enough and everyone else would be advanced. After my first class, I realized I had the wrong impression. Everyone was at different levels in class and they had modifications for every movement. I was impressed with how helpful everyone was in class. My biggest accomplishment was I was able to continue to do Crossfit all through my pregnancy which helped me have a very healthy pregnancy. After having my baby, Crossfit helped me get to my pre-baby weight and stronger than before I had my son. I have recently re-located to Zachary and have enjoyed my new experience at Crossfit Zachary. My goal now is to continue to improve my form and strength.
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