• MURPH Is Right Around The Corner!

    MURPH Is Right Around The Corner!

    You’ve been hearing us talk about this workout for quite some time now. We’ve programmed the WOD’s to help you prepare for the workout. Now here are a few options to scale if you still feel like the prescribed is a bit daunting. Each Memorial Day CrossFit boxes around the nation do this workout to honor our military members who sacrificed their lives in active duty. So there’s no excuse! You have to come out to CFZ this weekend and join all of us.

    I know you might be saying there’s no way I can run 2 miles or do all those pull-ups. Never let those thoughts keep you from working out. We will always have scaling options for whatever your fitness level may be.  So, here are a few options for how to attack this workout:

    • Bring your family or a friend and make it a team WOD. Split up the reps. Together you can definitely get it done.
    • Split the reps in half. Trust me! You’re still putting in the work and getting the job done.
    • Make the reps something a little bit more manageable mentally. “Cindy” is a popular CrossFit benchmark WOD that can help you get through MURPH. You can do 20 rounds of Cindy which is  5 pull-ups 10 push-ups and 15 air squats. This is a popular way to attack it.
    • Just show up! Do something. Endure the pain and think of our service men and women who died for our freedom.

    Don’t forget to sign up for Heat 1 or 2. Come a few minutes early to stretch out and get ready for your heat. Most importantly have fun with the community. We’ll all feel the pain and experience the joy of completing MURPH together. See ya Saturday.

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