• More Than Flexed Bicep’s and Ego’s! We Are!

    More Than Flexed Bicep’s and Ego’s! We Are!

    By Philip Berry
         No Mirror’s”Wait, What, no mirrors?” Walk into CrossFit Zachary and you will not find any man made ego devices on the walls. We have a saying here at CFZ, which states simply but powerfully, “Leave your ego at the door?” When talking about ego, don’t get it confused with those amazing prepackaged Eggo waffles your kid loves. Oh, what a major disservice to the waffles. Instead, what you will find at CFZ is a community of fitness enthusiasts, who not only care about themselves but have a genuine care for those around them. You see this community isn’t one of the superficial type, with fake smiles and shallow conversations. No the sense of community here at CFZ saturates your soul. So much that its contagious.
    I have been a member of CFZ for two and half years, and have had the great opportunity to coach here for the last year and half. Since day one I have been received ,”With Arms Wide Open”, kind of like the 1999 hit song by Creed. Recently I have experienced that Love and Community on an epic scale
        The month of March for me was one of the most difficult times in my life. For those who do not know, allow me to explain without any gory detail. I was hospitalized for eleven days in the month of March. The first go around I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called ulcerative colitis. This disease attacks your colon, the cause, like any other auto immune disease doctors do not know the “why.” After coming home after my first hospital stay I contracted a bacterial infection of my colon called, in short, c. diff. Upon going to the hospital the second time, I was severely dehydrated and anemic from losing so much blood. I stayed in the hospital for seven days the second go around. On top of all that while I was in the hospital I developed a freaking kidney stone! There wasn’t one day that someone from CFZ didn’t send me a text message to check on me. That is Love and Community! Because of the ulcerative colitis and c. diff, at my follow up with my GI doctor, he informed that I developed what they call toxic mega-colon. They also informed me that had I not gotten better with in the first day or two from the treatment, they were going to have to remove my colon. I lost over 50 pounds in three weeks, that is significant for me.
        I contribute my healing to the many prayers from my family, church family, and CFZ family. You guys kept me going, and helped me believe that there was hope. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for all you amazing individuals that come together for something greater than yourselves. I want to thank you all personally for the text messages, the prayers, the encouragement, the generous contributions, and each one of your hearts. You guys ROCK in the gym and in life. This is why the community at CFZ is more that flexed biceps and egos, though you guys do have some nice guns! This is also why mirrors are no concern to us at CFZ, though we come to work on our physical bodies, the reason exceeds our appearance and the purpose becomes much deeper than how we look. The purpose becomes about helping others, being strong for others. When we are strong in mind, body, and spirit we can be strong for others when they aren’t strong themselves. You guys were strong for me, and I will forever be grateful for that.
        In closing, I just want to say thank you so very much for everything! I am back in the gym training and coaching and cannot wait to make ya’ll stronger like ya’ll made me stronger!
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