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Fabian Herrera

Fabian Herrera is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and CrossFit Kids trainer who believes in perfecting the fundamentals of CrossFit in order to maintain safety and achieve maximum results. Having been around high level competitive sports his entire life, he knows personally what good fundamentals and hard work can do to help people achieve their goals.

Fabian .. “It wasn’t until CrossFit that I began to tap into my physical and psychological capabilities, thereby constantly pushing past my perceived boundaries. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my adult life and I am continually surprised by my capabilities. My favorite part of CrossFit is the sense of community that exists. We are surrounded by those striving for the best within themselves and it makes all of us take it up a notch, demanding the same from ourselves. The level of support and determination is contagious. I look forward to having you join our CrossFit community.

Masters in Education Azusa Pacific University
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Pedagogy Emphasis)
Cal State San Bernardino

Coach | Foundations Class

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Cheri Needham

My CrossFit journey started in the summer of 2013 at age 39. Several of my friends introduced and encouraged me to try it out. So I went in for my free trial class with Fabian. The moment it was over I knew this was something I would enjoy. Growing up in sports I loved the competitive feel of the workouts. Soon after my husband, Curtis and I signed up for the foundations course. I remember feeling anxious and ready to join the regular classes. Fast forward to November 2013, 2 and a half months into CrossFit I was encouraged to sign up for a competition in Biloxi. While the weather conditions were below freezing and it being held outside I quickly learned the CrossFit Methodology “be prepared for the unknown and unknowable”. So I gave it all I had. With Curtis and several others from the box there cheering me on, I ended up 4th place. I was for the most satisfied but wanted more. Within the next year I entered 4 other competitions with 3 being podium finishes. Although competing isn’t for everyone, I love the adrenaline push of it. At this point going to the box was on average 4 times a week. CrossFit has made me more aware of my day to day movements and how to properly approach them. It has also changed my mind set on not only what I do in the box everyday but what I do outside as well. My decisions on nutrition have drastically changed. I gave up Diet Cokes 2 months after I started which was a big deal. Most of all, the CrossFit Family my husband and I have gained. Great times with great people. Moving into January of 2015 I learned that the Level-1 Trainers Course would be in New Orleans.

Since joining CFZ all coaches recommended taking it regardless of whether you wanted to coach or not. That the class was so informative about the why’s and why not’s of CrossFit. So I asked Curtis to buy me a spot in the class as my Valentine Day gift. Of course he did. I studied for several weeks like I had never studied before in my life. I knew deep down there was a passion within me because I hate studying. Several weeks after testing the results came in, “I PASSED!” I was never worried, I knew I went in prepared and didn’t want to let Curtis down. During the summer of 2015 Fabian asked if I would be interested in the internship program to become a trainer at CFZ. Of course I said yes, but afterwards I thought will I really be able to do this? I knew how to do movements but could I train someone else how. After several sessions and late night YouTube videos it has become easier each time. I truly enjoy coaching people how to move better and put them on the road to new fit life.

I’m so grateful for my supporting husband Curtis and family in my new passion for CrossFit. And my CrossFit family also for the encouragement to do what I do.



Huey Harris

Huey is a CrossFit level 1 trainer. Born and raised in the Zachary area. He was introduced to CrossFit in the beginning of 2015 with his brother-in-law Philip, commonly referred to as Coach Philip now. “CrossFit gave me that sense of accomplishment that I never found in a big box gym atmosphere. I love the feeling that comes from pushing our physical and mental abilities beyond our own perceived limits. I enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge of fitness with others who want to be better humans.

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Olympic Weightlifting

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