• May- Spotlight Athlete Javier

    May- Spotlight Athlete Javier

    When Javier is not testing animals at LSU department, you can find him and his daughter at our evening classes.

    What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
    Trying to get back into an exercise routine so I can stay healthy.
    What was your first impression? How has that changed?
    I was highly impressed by the fact that the coaches pay close attention to make sure people are doing things right. It is like having a personal coach even though you are in a group setting.
    Also as a single dad I had to find a place where my daughter was welcomed. CFZ is a very welcoming place for kids and she now loves to go to the box.
    What was your first “bright spot, (PR)?
    Being able to touch my toes again. Gaining mobility was my number one goal and that has certainly started to happen. I am also gaining strength and energy. I haven’t felt this good in over 15 years!
    What are you working on now?
    Really focusing on learning the fundamentals of the techniques of weight lifting, double unders, etc… That really is part of the fun, knowing there is a steep learning and going through the process of achieving goals. This ensures crossfit will never be boring because you are always learning and improving.
    What’s your favorite CrossFit Zachary memory so far
    The open for sure. Great to see everyone come together to compete and support each other.

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