• Mary Olson – “Stay Active and Do Weight-Bearing Exercise”

    Mary Olson – “Stay Active and Do Weight-Bearing Exercise”

    As I get older I know how important it is to stay active and to do weight bearing exercise.  CrossFit has that and so much more.  I know I won’t do weights by myself because I need a group or a coach to motivate me.  I also know I need someone to push me.
    When I first started CrossFit I was very intimidated by the workouts as well as the athletes, but now I look forward to coming to class. I know the workouts can be scaled so I can complete them. The other athletes in the classes are so encouraging it makes the workouts go by fast and makes me want to push myself.  I have actually been able to do a few of the workouts RX and for me that is a real accomplishment.  I would love to do toes to bar and that is my goal for right now.
    My favorite memory was the Barbells for Boobs this past year .  It made me proud to be a part of such a giving and caring community.  Another favorite was when we were running a 400 meter run and a dog came out barking.  I was behind everyone else and am afraid of big dogs.  Chris Lemoine saw what was happening and came back to run with me.  It doesn’t get better than that.
    If you have been thinking about improving your fitness level, CrossFit Zachary would love to help you reach your goals.  Come see us today!
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