• Lori (LuLu): Better & Stronger Everyday

    Lori (LuLu): Better & Stronger Everyday


    Watching a good friend compete in a local competition a couple of years ago, was my first actual CrossFit experience. At the time I was still yoyo dieting with minimal cardio. It just never stuck. My interest faded and the weight was always there.
      My friend eventually became a coach. Continuing to watch her “evolve” was truly inspiring & I wasn’t just watching her “evolve” physically. “Could I really do that?” According to her, I could. Her encouragement led me to my foundation classes.
    As a 42 year old, mother of two, who had NEVER weight trained before that was a huge night. Very intimidated, I still overcame my fear.
    I realized during those classes that crossfit wasn’t just about the bar. It was much more. Box jumps were fun & I immediately learned that I loved to row. Who knew?
    Once I started regular classes, I was hooked. I too, began to notice that change in me. Not just a physical change. A life change. For the better.
    I had more stamina. I had strength.
      I am now workingconcentrating on that strength and I LOVE the bar. Deadlifts are my favorite. Yep, Deadlifts. I recently PR’d @ 210lbs.
      Every time I challenge myself and then accomplish something new In the gym, I make a memory. There is always someone next to me working just as hard to reach goals. They are all inspiring.
     I am addicted to the constant motivation and support from our CFZ community.
     It’s simply a way of life for me now.
    If you have been looking to find a different way of seeing your fitness results, come talk to one of our coaches. Better yet, come talk to Lorrie or any of our members and they will give you the road map to success.
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