• Laura-Kate Amrhein:  Mom and Athlete

    Laura-Kate Amrhein: Mom and Athlete

    Upon starting CrossFit Zachary, I had been training for and running half and full marathons for several years and decided I wanted to add something different to my exercise routine.
    I was incredibly nervous to start CF….I had always been terrible at anything gymnastic-y and I had never really liked group exercise classes or weightlifting. So, deciding to do CF was a huge decision for me. I (very) quickly learned to love group exercise and I continue to surprise myself at all the gymnastic moves I’ve been able to accomplish.
    Double Unders, Pull Ups, and Rope climbs were definitely exciting accomplishments for me.
    Once I get to come back to CF (after baby is born), I really would love to get better at handstands and handstand push ups. A long(er) term goal is to be able to do a Muscle Up!
    If you are considering improving your fitness level, consider CrossFit Zachary!
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