• Kyle Holmes:  Training for the Tundra

    Kyle Holmes: Training for the Tundra

    I joined CrossFit Zachary because I made a decision to begin improving my physical condition. In the near future, I will be taking a trip to Alaska, where I will be left on the tundra for 9 days unguided, and all travel will be on foot, packing equipment via large frame packs. As I studied my options, and spoke to other members of CFZ that are personal friends of mine, CrossFit seemed to offer the most adversity with a total body workout. It also appeared to have the most benefit from a stamina and endurance increase as well as strength.

    My first impression was that I was nervous about not being able to complete the WODs and that I may be viewed as “weak,” or “out of shape.” Cheri was very helpful in detailed explanation of how things worked at the gym. She was spot on!!!!! Since that first visit and completing foundations classes, my impression is that CrossFit Zachary can accommodate ANYONE wanting to improve their health!!! It certainly is a team atmosphere. The coaches assist in suggestions for weight and movements, all exercises can be scaled, and no one ever feels intimidated in our gym. If anything, confidence and moral is boosted by the constant cheering from other members.

    I would have to say that I have many “bright spots!!”  The most significant one just being able to complete the WODs in the beginning. Since then, it has been completing the Open workouts, front squat max of 205, back squat max of 225, accomplishing toes to bar, and significant improvement in cardio stamina and endurance.

    IMG_3258 IMG_3170

    (Kyle’s Transformation!)

    My goal now is to someday be able to complete the WODs without scaling any of the movements, as well as increasing my max weights in all weight lifting exercises.

    My favorite memory has to be when I finished one of the WODs first in the class. Not that anyone is competing against the other, but it gave me the proof I needed to see the extreme improvements I had made in my physical condition since beginning.


    If you are like Kyle and would like to improve your physical condition, but need the support of a great coaching staff, contact us to set up a meeting to discuss how CrossFit Zachary can change your life!


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