• Kaycie Oliphant- May Spotlight Athlete

    Kaycie Oliphant- May Spotlight Athlete

    This month we are excited for you to read about the journey our spotlight athlete has been on since she began CrossFit. It’s a testament to what complete dedication and hard work will accomplish.
     “I started at CrossFit Zachary about three and a half years ago. Friends of mine, Darren and Tatum Vince, kept telling me about it. I had always worked out and played sports, but I was a little intimidated to do CrossFit. Once I started I fell in love with the entire program and haven’t looked back!
    My main weakness when I started was my upper body strength. I was unable to do a pull-up or a push-up, and very minimal weight overhead. I came a long way in a very short time, working out consistently, following the amazing coaching, and trying to do better with my eating. I started doing competitions because I enjoy the competitive side of CrossFit, and to my surprise I did very well. Things were going very good until April 16th 2016. I injured myself at a Spartan Race doing the Battle of Baton Rouge.
    I fell off the monkey bar obstacle and broke my tibia and fibula above the ankle joint and below the knee joint. I had surgery 12 hours later and had a tibial rod placed from my knee to my ankle. I remember as I was being loaded into the ambulance Fabian saying it’ll be okay you’ll be back at it soon. I did not see that in my future, it was far from my reach. At 7 weeks recovery my quadriceps tendon ruptured and broke off all the way through I then had to have a total quadriceps tendon repair and was told I would be out another two to three months of work.
    During my time off from work and working out the CrossFit community of CFZ was more than touching. There was not one day that went by that someone from Crossfit Zachary did not text, call, visit, or bring us a meal. When I was released from Physical Therapy, which was very early, I came back to CrossFit approximately 5 months after having two surgeries. I was weaker than I was when I first started CrossFit three and a half years ago. Though my first year of recovery was a slow progression I didn’t feel defeated but sometimes discouraged. However I continued to be consistent and with the amazing support, motivation, encouragement, and coaching I have not only gotten back to where I was but I have beaten personal records prior to my surgeries.
    People often ask me “why would you go back to CrossFit, something so physical after the injuries that you have had? Why not get on a treadmil?” My response is treadmils are boring, CrossFit is a part of my routine, it is my safety net, it is a controlled environment but allows me to push myself safely. I absolutely love every aspect of CrossFit Zachary! There is no place like CFZ!
    My future in CFZ is to stay consistent, keep growing, getting better, stronger, and maybe get back to competing or even coach one day. I am honored to be chosen for spotlight of the month! Thank you CFZ! U rock!” 
    Kaycie Oliphant
    Congratulations Kaycie! We can’t wait to see you back on the competition floor and crushing all your goals.
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