• June Spotlight Athlete

    June Spotlight Athlete

    Name: Sam Vince, Age 67
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 228 lbs.
    Started CFZ: January, 2015
    Snatch: ?
    Clean: ?
    Married to: Charlyne “Charlie” Vince for 23 years
    Children: Between us we have 5 grown children & 5 grandchildren
    Occupation: Owner, T&T Liquor, Inc. — Retail liquor store, check cashing, & lounge


    Sam Vince Using a Rope 500



    1. I started CrossFit to strengthen my body & stamina. As I get older, I don’t want to begin having limited mobility that will hinder me in doing the activities that I enjoy.

    2. I don’t remember all of the first WOD, but I do know that it included one-legged Romanian deadlifts that I still don’t like!

    3. Since starting CFZ, I do feel that I have already begun to have more strength & stamina. I seem to be able to lift kegs & move cases of inventory around at work without shortness of breath, and I am hitting the golf ball much farther than before!

    4. I would say that CrossFit has changed my life in that I not only feel better physically, but I also feel much better mentally. I’ve quit smoking, and CrossFit played a huge role in helping me make that decision. It’s also a great feeling just having people notice the change in me physically and having my children be proud of me for doing this at my age.

    5. As for a favorite WOD or movement, that would be when my workout is over and I’m moving out the door! I’m beginning to be a bit better at wall ball & rowing, so I guess those are the more enjoyable ones at this point in time.

    6. My short-term goal was to just make it through at least three months of CrossFit and be able to get back into my church clothes, which I have done. Long-term, I would like to lose 15-20 more pounds. I weighed around 245 when I started CFZ, so I’m about halfway to my goal of 210. God willing, I want to continue to build on what I’ve started here to help me live a good, strong, healthy life.

    7. Most people don’t know that I have a twin sister or that I am a Tai Chi instructor. I have been doing Tai Chi for 17 years now.

    8. I have two favorite quotes that I have picked up at CFZ.
    Jeramie’s quote: “You can’t out train a bad diet”
    Mike’s quote: “It doesn’t get any easier, you just get better”

    Over the years, I have worked out at fitness centers on my own or even with a personal trainer for a while. I’ve had multiple pieces of equipment in my home that seemed to gather dust more than be used for the purpose intended. There was no regularity in any of it. I truly think that I will stick with CrossFit because of the support system there. Many times early in the morning I am working with a coach one-on-one. If others are around, we all encourage each other. There’s a feeling of family that you just don’t get most other places…and speaking of family, I’ve convinced my younger daughter to join me at CrossFit beginning June.


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