• June Spotlight Athlete- Team John Norris

    June Spotlight Athlete- Team John Norris

    John Norris is our June Spotlight Athlete and we thought it would be good for you to hear directly from him about his time here at CrossFit Zachary. He’s been awesome to have at the box (gym) and often time is the biggest encourager in the building. If you want someone to help you get through those last couple of reps John is the guy to have in your corner! Here’s what he has to say.

    “I decided to try CrossFit Zachary due to the encouragement of my wife Carmen, who always wanted me to give CrossFit a try. My first impression was Coach Fabian is a cool, knowledgeable person who seems genuinely concerned about his members. I remember him breaking conversation and informing someone who had a knee issue to perform a scaled exercise. Everyone in the class seemed down to earth and enthusiastic. Based on the time I have been a member I have learned that CFZ is an extended family and network of individuals who assist, encourage and support each other in the box and in daily life events.

    I’ve gravitated to CFZ’s “TEAM” and “No Quit” atmosphere which has been engrained in me thru my years of military service. To find a organization such as this, after retiring from the military, has been a blessing. My first bright spot was the day I was able to complete a full range pull-up. Before retiring from the military, I had major shoulder surgery which definitely humbled me. Throughout my military career I had always maintained a high level of physical fitness and pretty much stayed injury free. I had serious doubts that I would ever do any rigorous shoulder movements again.

    I am currently working on my form for many of the more complex movements and of course double-unders which I know are attainable thru practice. I will NEVER forget my first CrossFit open at CFZ. The motivation and energy was like a Friday night LSU game. The moment in time when I finished my last burpee, crossed the box, looked at coach Fab’s hand count the last rep as time expired and hearing everyone cheer as I felt all the energy leave my body has been imprinted on me for the rest of my life. Thanks CFZ coaches and members for accepting Carmen and I into your family.  You guys and gals are really something special. God bless and Geaux TEAM!”

    Now if this sounds like your story or you can relate to John’s past and you are worried about starting a fitness program because of old, nagging injuries, come see us and we can show you how CrossFit can help you too.

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