• July Spotlight Athlete of the Month- Andy and Danette Castello

    July Spotlight Athlete of the Month- Andy and Danette Castello

    This month we bring not just one but two athletes of the month. Andy and Danette Castello are a husband and wife team who get up early to attack our 5:30am class. Our clients often come to CrossFit Zachary and end up meeting a friend for life. This time they came in already friends and now have grown together as athletes who are constantly getting stronger each day. Coach Philip describes them this way, “Andy supports her during the workouts and it’s cool to watch them care for each other during class. Not in an overbearing way just pure love! They really love each other.”  Danette answered a few questions to give you an idea of how their short time with us has been.

    What brought you to CrossFit Zachary in the first place? 

    Let’s be honest, life caught up with us and we were both tired and had put on a lot of weight.  I (Danette) said we should do CrossFit but said we had to do it together. We were noticing some health issues that come with mid 40’s and wanting to do something now before they got worse.   Our main goal, DON’T GET HURT!

    What was your first impression?

    What the hell are we doing? This is gonna kill us and is it smart to start doing this in our mid 40’s…

    How has that changed?

    It was the perfect thing to start doing in our mid 40’s! Our mobility has improved, we have lost a few pounds and our energy levels are up! We make a choice each day to motivate each other to get out of bed at “Oh my God o’clock in the morning” and move.

    What was your first “bright spot” (PR)? 

    We are still working on this.  We have seen more “out of the box” improvements.  Our goal wasn’t necessarily to “get stronger and PR” but to build endurance and move better. We can climb stairs easier, keep up with our nieces and nephews better and now it doesn’t hurt to tie our shoes (literally that was a thing.)   However, RUNNING is still something we hate and will never get better at.

    What are you working on now?

    Andy is working on looking good without his shirt on, accomplishing  single-unders and mastering double-unders .  I’m working on decreasing stress, push-ups and trying not to look like a giant whale when we do hollow body’s and a superman’s.  We are both really just trying to get a little stronger in our core so the rest of us can function better.

    What’s your favorite CrossFit Zachary memory?

    Can’t place a favorite yet because we have fun every time we roll out of bed and get there!

    Congratulations to Andy and Danette! They’ve demonstrated how determination can get you pretty far in a short period of time. If you’re an early riser give us a call and get started with the athletes in our morning classes and let us help you change your life!


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