• July Spotlight Athlete- Karim Suazo

    There are times at CrossFit Zachary that a client comes to us with no previous experience and in no time it seems like they’ve been doing CrossFit for years. That’s Karim, our July athlete of the month. She brings 100% effort to the gym each and every time she shows up and that effort always spills over to anyone that’s working out with her. She’s a doctor, a wife, a mother and still makes time to workout each day. Once you talk to her you’ll quickly find out how contagious her passion for life is. We’re so happy to have her with us at CrossFit Zachary and she well deserves athlete of the month. Here are a few words from her about her time here and how she found CrossFit.

    “My 40th birthday was 9 months away. I didn’t t like how my body was looking. Clothes were hugging me a little bit too tight. So, I set a goal to be “in shape” for my 40th birthday. I signed up to do a 6 week boot camp which turned into my new normal. It was during that time that I was first introduced to CrossFit. I instantly fell in love. Unfortunately the gym closed. I quickly searched for CFZ. I had known about CFZ for years and never looked into it because, like many others, I was intimidated. I met coach Philip first. He was super welcoming.
    Funny, my first PR (if we want to call it that) was one of my first workouts. Coach Fabian was leading the class. I felt, if Fabian was there I had to do it right…lol! I was able to link toes to bar for the first time ever. I don’t think I’ve done this again! Lol! I think every workout is a PR. I give it my all, every single day!
    Right now I would like to improve my technique with the barbell (I have a love hate relationship with the barbell).
    I have to say, although I am not as intimated as I was at the beginning, I’m humbled by many WODs. My favorite thing about our box is seeing new members come in and seeing them finishing the first WOD and another and another. I love the camaraderie that’s attached to a little competition. I would like for e Rhône to know that CrossFit IS functional medicine, appropriate for ANYONE at any stage in life!”

    If you’re hesitating at all, you should take a cue from Karim and make a goal for yourself and get moving. Change the quality of your life and make it what you want it to be. Come join us here at CrossFit Zachary and together let us begin a journey to being the fittest you possible. Click the link below to sign up now! 

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