• Jared is the Winner!!

    Jared is the Winner!!

    The scores are in and we have a winner!




    We have asked Jared to share his experience with all of us.

    I joined CFZ 3 months ago not fully aware of what I was getting in to. Although I have a long way to go, I do have a few comments I would like to share. Not only do I enjoy the intensity of the workouts and the way I feel after them, I am also impressed with the community and family like atmosphere that takes place each and every day. Just recently, my wife, some CFZ members and I took on another challenge in addition to the WODS. It was called the “30 Day Challenge”. This challenge was scored by a strict diet and also a physical fitness side that was all tracked by a provided spreadsheet. The diet required quite a bit of pre planning for your meals, especially for those who are limited in choices while working. It also required reading every label on any item you purchased, which was very time consuming on your initial trip to the grocery store. You would be amazed of all the items that contain sugar in one way shape or form. The first week and a half was extremely tough! Kids starting school, stressful work conditions and my body feeling things from the challenge that I have not felt before. That is where step #4 on the whole 30 website kicked in for me “BUILD YOUR SUPPORT GROUP”. Mine was easy, I had my wife Tracye in on the challenge and she was fully committed. There was also our CFZ family supporting each other for the duration. I will say this support kept us focused throughout the entire challenge. This group of people are truly special in supporting each other and keeping things fun. After day 14 I started seeing significant changes in myself, from the way my clothes fit to the way I felt when I woke up in the morning. This only improved throughout the rest of the challenge. I started losing inches and improving in my WODS which also helped build my confidence. After the third week of the challenge I could see substantial improvements in my endurance during the WODS, something I was struggling with and still do today. By the fourth week my cravings for unhealthy foods were still there but nowhere near what they were in week one and two. By this time I had a routine and was subconsciously making healthy choices. That is what I have noticed the most after the challenge, even though the challenge is over, I am still making healthy choices. Of course, I have treated myself after the challenge, but it has been in moderation. That is where I think the lifestyle change for me is the greatest, the decisions I make on food. This has not only changed the way I look at foods for me personally but as Tracye and I look at foods for our family. My total loss in weight in 30 days was 16lbs. (sorry Lori I weighed J)I have also lost several inches throughout my body. I could not have made these changes without my wonderful teammate and wife, Tracye, who rocked the challenge as well and my CFZ family for all the motivation and great recipe ideas. I plan on continuing in making positive steps in healthier living and thank everyone at CFZ for the motivation and family atmosphere.


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