• January Spotlight Athlete- Christy Anderson

    January Spotlight Athlete- Christy Anderson

    If you thought the 5:30am class doesn’t have some impressive athletes then you are quite mistaken. Our January spotlight tells in her own words how her journey in CrossFit and attending the 5:30am class has changed her for the better! Congratulations Christy!
    “Starting CrossFit was something I talked about often, but like many, I thought that it wasn’t for me or just the trendy thing to do. I’ve always tried to do some type of exercise but was never focused on one thing; rather it be running, working out in a gym or even the latest and greatest video workouts. A few years ago I found myself wanting something more diverse and challenging.  After lots of convincing from friends I gave CrossFit a try and haven’t looked back.
    So my first workout (might I say very scaled) I thought I might have been very close to dying. To be honest some days I still feel like I not going to make it through (still very scaled) workouts.  But I still find myself wanting to go back each and every morning.
    Staying consistent is a huge accomplishment for me. Everyday I can see myself improving in some way. But I couldn’t do it without all the great people, coaches, and ok maybe the fact that Kelly picks me up every morning and brings me (find a workout partner that keeps you accountable and pushes you. It’s a game changer).
    My proudest moment of my CrossFit journey would have to be a few months ago when I did my first strict pull-up and rope climb. My goal, when I started CrossFit, was to be able to do at least one strict pull-up and look at me killing it! Ok maybe not killing it but feeling very accomplished.
    Right now I am working on, staying away from the gummy bears and gummy worms(anyone that knows me..knows that a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner can(could) be gummy worms, gummy bears or maybe even a cookie. If you ask Fabian, it should be double-unders, maybe one day. But at this moment, it’s maintaining a healthy diet and pushing myself to lift a LITTLE heavier (I said just little, Fabian, just a little).
    There are so many memories since my journey started.. and not all of them are fitness related. Here are just a few that come to mind…
    -Jamie Urey pressuring me to doing to the Open last year for the first time(bc my 1/2 of a point was very important to the team).  So glad I did. Thanks Jamie!
    -The Saturday that a group of us all worked out and then without hesitation all started loading equipment from the old gym to the new one for the big move. The relationships and bonds with wonderful people are a reason a show up everyday.
     -A group of us Dressing up at 5:30 in the morning as Peanut Butter and Jelly just to workout. Keeping it fun and entertaining.  Thank you Kelly, LK, Will, and Jared for being such good sports!
     -Or even just recently when I thought we were half crazy for going to the gym during a Louisiana Snow storm, but the 5:30 morning crew came in strong. Everyday is a challenge but I always find myself wanting to show up the next day and looking forward to it. It’s the best way for me to start each day.
    CrossFit has been one of the best decisions for “ME”. The friendships, the staying in shape/healthy at my ability level and not to mention the FUN and entertainment (yes we have fun and stay entertained even at 5:30 in the morning)!
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