• It’s Summer Time!

    It’s Summer Time!

    The summer is upon us and the temperatures are not getting any cooler. I don’t know about how it is where you live but the Louisiana humidity is no respecter of persons and has us sweating bullets at CrossFit Zachary. With temperatures in the 90’s and above, we always want to make sure we are taking care of our bodies inside and outside of the box. Staying hydrated and keeping your muscles fueled and ready for each day’s WOD is crucial to your fitness.

    We have a few products at CFZ that are perfect for the summer weather and also year round. Progenex and Advocare make amazing pre-workout and post-workout products. 30 minutes before your workout you could take the Progenex Recovery to give your muscles what’s necessary for fast recovery and aid in getting stronger. After your workout give the muscles some protein with More Muscle, designed to increase lean muscle, so that you’ll begin to see increase in your lifts as well as see your muscles build faster. To replace all those nutrients and electrolytes lost during your sessions, turn to Advocare’s Rehydrate. It’s great tasting, refreshing and is perfect to sip on through out the day if you’re in the heat or to quickly rehydrate after an intense WOD.

    Ask any of the coaches for more information or if you have specific needs to improve you fitness we can make suggestions as to what will meet that need. These products are available right at CFZ and through July 4th there’s a discount on the Progenex products. Fitness is achieved inside and outside the box so don’t forget to pick up a few of these products for yourself and watch those gains continue.

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