• Huey Harris: Never Underestimate the WOD

    I came to CrossFit Zachary after a few years of “Globo Gym” workouts.  I had started to get bored with my routines and started to slack off.  I realized I needed a change of pace. 
    My first time stepping into CFZ was a Saturday partner WOD.  My first thought was that me and Philip are in good shape and we should finish before anyone else.   Not so.  We were the last to finish that morning.  My first impression of CrossFit was, “wow this is really harder than it looks!”
    How has that changed?  I no longer underestimate a WOD, and when i do underestimate one, I am usually quickly reminded by laying on the floor gasping for air.
    My first PR was Double Unders…..After months of destroying my legs and arms!!   Now I am working on volume and endurance. I found a huge flaw in those 2 areas during the Festivus Games.  
    My favorite CrossFit memory was during the final 200 meters of Murph. I made the turn for the last stretch and saw everyone that had finished before me standing at the road cheering. Really gives you that sense of “I can do this.” 
    If you are considering improving your fitness level, consider CrossFit Zachary!  Please come meet us so we can help with your goals.
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