• Garrett Franks – June Spotlight Athlete

    Garrett Franks – June Spotlight Athlete

    If you’ve come to one of the evening classes at CrossFit Zachary I’m sure you’ve seen the guy with the big smile and the goatee. That’s Garrett! He’s been with us for a little over a year and during that time he has definitely made an impact on the community as well as his own personal fitness. Most of the time our clients come to us with the intention of exercising to change their lifestyle. As you’ll find out, Garrett had specific goals in mind and was able to meet them and even exceed those goals through applying himself to working out each day and bringing his all. It’s pretty amazing what can be accomplished in one hour of your day. We asked Garrett a few questions about his time here with us. Here’s what he had to say.

    1. What brought you to CrossFit Zachary in the first place?

    I started CrossFIt to become a better mountain biker. My self training was offering little
    to no gains and my stamina had not increased in a long time. I was becoming
    increasingly bored at my average joes gym and knew I needed a change to maintain my
    interest in bettering myself.

    2. What was your first impression and has that changed?

    2015 I was at a restaurant and saw the CrossFit games on ESPN. The event the athletes
    were doing was MURPH and it seemed wild that anyone would ever want to do that much
    work at once. It seemed impossible from where I was sitting at the time.
    That impression has changed due to the work that has been put in. Nothing seems too
    difficult today. Each daily workout has a unique way of humbling me. They are all
    difficult in their own way but offer insight to my mental and physical capabilities.
    The struggle ends where gratitude begins!

    3. What was your first “bright spot” or personal record?

    My first PR came about two months after starting CrossFit and completing the workout,
    MURPH, that once seemed so out of reach.

    4. What are you working on now?

    I am currently registered for a 70.3 half ironman race in October. I will do a few shorter
    ones in August in preparation. I view that ONLY possible from the time spent in CrossFit
    Zachary gym. Without the time spent around fellow fitness enthusiasts and top notched
    coaches pushing me to be a little faster and a little stronger, this goal would be a mere

    5. What’s your favorite CrossFit Zachary memory?

    My best memory would have to be the first beginner team competition I entered in
    Lafayette. Never had I packed so much fitness or so many workouts into a day’s time.
    Once again, I was gifted with more insight as to what I was capable of. It was equally as
    rewarding watching people I workout with daily push themselves and achieve what they
    set out to do. It is a unique atmosphere that is created when that many people come
    together for the sake of bettering themselves and it will not be soon forgot.


    You can constantly see Garrett around the box coming early to get extra work done and even staying later to get even more work done. Give him a high five and congratulate him on all his success. We know he’s going to crush his ironman race in October!

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