• FNX Supplements are Coming to CFZ

    FNX Supplements are Coming to CFZ

    Hey CFZ Get Excited!

    As you all may have seen or heard I am an Ambassador for FNX (Phoenix/Fenix) Supplements.
    On Monday we will be launching these products in the gym. I will also be there to answer any questions any of you have about the products throughout the day and at any time afterwards. We will also have some to sample as well throughout the week. So let us know what your most interested in.
    So what do they offer? Their current line, which is expanding quickly has several different types of Protein, two pre-workout options, and also BCAA’s for Recovery. There is also a 5G Mono hydrate Creatine to help with muscle build.
    Other supplements offered are Krill Oil which I’m very happy with. In the past my issue with fish oils was the smell or burping them afterwards. I have not had that issue with krill oil.
    Benefits of taking Krill; it’s the best source of Omega-3 which is an anti-inflammatory, helps with muscle recovery, soreness, heart disease, and high levels of certain blood fats, skin complexion, menstrual cycles to name a few. Since our body doesn’t produce Omega-3 it is a very beneficial supplement to consider.
    Another amazing thing about FNX is they are partners with http://www.worldjoyghana.org/. So every time a purchase is made a child in need receives one gallon of clean water.

    Moving forward and what I know as of now that is in the works as far as product flavors. For protein: their working on a peanut butter, and a cake batter and possibly more flavors for the pre-workouts. They will also be launching a greens supplement very soon.


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