• FNX Is Fuel For The Open

    FNX Is Fuel For The Open

    It’s mid February and that always means the CrossFit Games Open is right around the corner. It also means it’s high time to dial in every area of your fitness. You hear us talking about nutrition all the time. You hear us talking about stretching and mobility. But another aspect that is just as important is supplements, what you put in your body to help fuel the muscles as well as help them recover. From time to time there may be a deficiency that you may not know you have. An easy fix is supplementing a protein shake or morning shake to get your day started with the proper nutrients. That’s where FNX comes in. We’ve all been tweaking those lifts, perfecting that snatch and working on those muscle ups, but also we at CFZ have been making sure we’re feeding our muscles the proper amount of protein. We’ve been making sure that we have in our system what it needs to recover so we can come back the next day and perform to our highest potential. FNX supplies all of these supplements and we carry them right at the box.

    If you haven’t checked out their line you really should. Immediately. Make sure you’re ready each and every day to crush those WOD’s and then make sure you’re giving your muscles what they need to recover so you can do it again and again. Ask any of the coaches about our lineup of FNX products and what may be right for you. Let’s all surprise ourselves with our gains and do the best we can at this year’s Open!

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