• February Spotlight Athlete -Ricky Williams

    February Spotlight Athlete -Ricky Williams


    Each month we’re so excited to feature an athlete from CrossFit Zachary who’s put in the work and has seen results that can only come as a result of lots of determination and consistency. This month Ricky Williams is the one that’s demonstrated those qualities. He came in to the box ready to change his lifestyle and he’s done just that. Read what he’s said about his time at CFZ. I think you’ll want to applaud him too when you see him around. Congratulations Ricky!

    “I came to do something different to challenge me physically and mentally.  My first impression was that I can do this for a while and I probably will plateau. That is not the case. I have been consistently losing weight and inches. This has been a lifestyle change for me.  Geting my core stronger, I no longer have lower back pain and I have lost 40+ pounds since joining. My goal was to be under 300 by the end of the year. Now that I have reached that I am going for 270.

    My favorite memory was my first day when I came in and Fabian allowed me to work out even though I did not schedule my first workout. It was tough and I did not think I would come back because it challenged me plus my lower back was hurting so bad.  Thank you for your help!”

    Take the same chance that Ricky took on CrossFit. We can promise if you stick with it your results will equal or even surpass what Ricky has seen. Shoot us a message and we’ll help you get started.

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