• February Spotlight Athlete – Aimee Bellue

    February Spotlight Athlete – Aimee Bellue

    By Fabian Herera

    You can find Aimee working out at or 9 a.m. class doing handstands, lifting weights, and getting better everyday. She loves to learn every time she comes in. As a coach, I enjoy when I see a husband and wife workout together. Her husband has a busy schedule but when he can he is working out right next to her. Aimee will be participating in her first CrossFit Open this month. If you don’t know what the Open is all about, make sure you come see Aimee and the rest of our community compete every Friday night starting February 24th. at 6:30 p.m.

    1. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? — I first came to Zachary CrossFit because my husband convinced me to try it out. I needed to get back into shape after having two kids.
    2. What was your first impression? —My first impression of CrossFit Zachary  was wow, I feel like I can belong here. I don’t have to lift as much weight as everyone else. I can work out at my own pace and it’s ok. How has that changed?—My impression of Zachary CrossFit hasn’t changed. I still feel like I belong, I still feel comfortable working out at my own pace and weight.
    3. What was your first “bright spot, (PR)?—“I have no idea what my first PR was, I guess I’ve had a few”
    4. What are you working on now?—I find that I do not work on one specific area, I just concentrate on doing my best and my body and health will reflect that.
    5. What’s your favorite CrossFit Zachary memory?”—I have no idea. Can’t say I have on.


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