• Ebony Lewis: Back on the Team

    Ebony Lewis: Back on the Team


    I came to CrossFit Zachary because I wanted something different and more team oriented. I was looking to add one more ingredient within my fitness regime and finally found “CROSSFIT ZACHARY” with the ingredients of a dash of fun, 2 lbs. of knowledge of the sport from the coaches, 1 bag of patience, and 3 spoonfuls of listening skills. VIOLA! 

    My first impression was wondering how long will it take for me to mentally and physically become strong again like my years in college on the track team and how will Crossfit Zachary coaches get me to that point. How has it changed? Well it’s been 2 years and some months so far that I’ve been doing Crossfit Zachary and I have pretty much mastered the double unders (Coach Fabian laughs when I tell him i’m shooting for triple unders). My core is getting stronger which will allow me to start focusing on my pull-ups, walking handstand, and play around with some gymnastic mobility moves. The coaches are always supportive.

    My first bright spot/personal record was the 2015 Barbell for Boobs honoring Veronica Waldrop. When I found out the weight we had to lift for the WOD I was like “oh oh” where is my SPARK ENERGY drink?! With the energy I felt from Veronica and motivation from the team, I was able to successfully PR and finish GRACE at a good time.
    I am currently working on my core and arm strength so that by summer 2016 I can complete a strict pull up as well as a walking handstand.
    I have two favorite memories at CFZ. The first was when Fabian asked the class my name on my first day and they all knew it. (Maybe because no one wanted to do burpees) lol. And my second was when I completed a partner WOD with Kim Lewis and I didn’t pass out. We KILLED IT!
    Thanks for the opportunity allowing me to share my story!
    If you are giving CrossFit or fitness a thought, please come meet us so we can help you with your goals.
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