• Doug Hall

    Doug Hall

    I am in my mid 40s and was 100 pounds overweight when my wife and I walked into Crossfit Zachary. I had lost some weight but knew I had to do something else too. I found out about Crossfit from a friend that made an incredible journey and cut his body weight in half. So far in 6 months I am down 65 pounds and 4 pants sizes.

    What I like about Crossfit? I like the sense of family and how everyone is willing to help you when you are having trouble getting through a workout. I have had very fit people finish their workouts and come over to cheer me on to finish mine when in my mind I just wanted to stop. That’s priceless! I also like that our coaches push us to work harder and accomplish more but at the same time they look out for us to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves. What I don’t like? First, anything with running! I may not always look forward to going to the gym after 10 or 11 hours at work. It’s a lot easier to go home and sit on your couch. I’ve been doing that for years. But when it is all done and over, I feel good knowing what I just accomplished and that I couldn’t have done it six months ago. See ya in another 65 pounds!

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