• December Spotlight Athlete of the Month- Lisa Causey

    December Spotlight Athlete of the Month- Lisa Causey

    If you’ve ever met Lisa or had the pleasure of getting to workout with her, you know how contagious her energy is. She comes in to give her all each and every time she walks through the doors of CrossFit Zachary. She’s our athlete of the month and she definitely deserves it. Here’s what she had to say about starting CrossFit at CFZ.


    What brought you to CFZ in the first place?

    I was looking for something new and different that my running buddies and I could do together and would be beneficial to our running. We had been running the same path for a long time and wanted something that would put a little excitement into our workout. At the time, the new rave about exercise was CrossFit. We did a little research and discovered our hometown of Zachary actually had a box (gym). We signed up and realized how much we enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship the box gave to us. That was almost four years ago and we are still enjoying it as much as that first month we signed on for.

    What was your first impression and has that changed?

    My first impression was, wow, this is fun. We were working out, although it didn’t seem like working out. Everyone was listening to the upbeat music on the loud speaker and cheering each other on. It was like everyone there was a member of the same team. No matter what walk of life you came from, ethnicity, religion or disability wasn’t an issue. We were all there for the benefit of each other. That part has not changed. I’m always in awe when a younger, fit guy or gal takes the time to encourage me, someone with a little age, to do my best. Words of encouragement are always helpful and there seems to be no shortage of that going around the CrossFit community.

    What was your first “bright spot, (PR)?

    When I first visited CrossFit Zachary, I remember Coach Fabian saying we would be able to do a pull-up, if we would come and workout on a regular basis with the group. My reaction was, no way, I’ll never be able to pull this body up to that bar! Well, thank goodness I didn’t bet Fabian. I would have lost the bet. He had me doing pull-ups in no time. After a year, I was able to string together sets of pull-ups. It was a bright spot then and still is today.

    What are you working on now?

    I am currently working toward leaning out and building muscle. One of the great things about the CrossFit community is the support you get from fellow CrossFitters. Members are always supportive of your efforts to become a better person. Not just in fitness but the whole person. I enjoy setting goals, writing them down on the board at the box and then having a group of people give you words of encouragement to reach those goals and have them become reality.

    What’s your favorite CrossFit Zachary memory?

    No one specific memory but memories develop weekly at CrossFit Zachary. I’ve met some memorable people and accomplished some memorable fitness goals at the box.

    Congratulations Lisa on all your success and we can’t wait to see what this next year brings to you and how your crush your goals! If you’re ready to begin your journey into CrossFit give us a little information below and we’ll get you started.

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