• Spotlight Athletes- CrossFit Zachary Teachers

    Spotlight Athletes- CrossFit Zachary Teachers

    For as long as one can remember their has always been the teacher and the student. That particular relationship is almost as special as parent and child and in some cases even more special. Teachers, the good ones, give of themselves until it seems like they have nothing left to give. Then all of sudden they find the capacity to give even more. That’s where all of the teachers at CrossFit Zachary come in. These ladies and gentlemen come into the box and after giving so much at their schools they some how dig deep and find the will to give to themselves and their fellow athletes. CrossFit isn’t a social hour for them, although the community they have with each other is quite strong. It’s a time to take an hour to set aside the cares of the day and focus on improving their bodies. They work hard. They stick together. They sweat together and after spending so much of the day encouraging their students, they now take turns encouraging each other. They do that every day they come to CrossFit Zachary. Without fail. They truly are our spotlight athletes and they deserve the spotlight.

    “Thank you guys for always being at the gym and encouraging me to Go and Stay!!! It was a crazy afternoon. Wasn’t sure about going but LOVE seeing y’all when I get there. Love my peeps!”

    “Couldn’t agree more! It’s a happy part of my day because my favorite people are there. Love you guys too!!”

    “Y’all are a huge part of my happiness. It could be the crappiest day but as soon as I get to the gym with you guys, everything seems better!! Love you”

    “So true!”

    “Totally agree! It’s my 1 hour of the day totally for me! Which when you think about the abuse we go through…it’s kind of twisted! It’s my hour with friends, to release stress, and to stay healthy! Love my  4:30 WOD with you ladies! Love you!”

    This was a thread of text between a few of our teachers. We would all go much further in life if we had this kind of support and accountability.  This group of teachers we have at CrossFit Zachary (and it’s a lot of them) really add something special to the community and the atmosphere. We are most definitely a better box because of them. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for all that you do for the children and for yourselves.

    Obviously here are just a few images of our Spotlight Athletes. If you see any of them around the box make sure you give them a high five and a big thank you and congratulations!

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