• CrossFit Open ’19

    CrossFit Open ’19

    I know it seems like just yesterday that we were all gathered at the box, screaming our support, and enjoying Friday Night Lights together. Well it’s that time of year again! It’s time for The CrossFit Open 2019. All CrossFit athletes around the world work very hard to produce their best work during these 5 weeks. At CrossFit Zachary we’ve spent the last months putting you through strength cycles as well as conditioning pieces to get you ready for anything they throw at us. 

    So here’s how it’s going to work. Every Thursday night the WOD will be released world wide. At that point every athlete has till Monday at 6pm CST to complete the workout with a judge and submit their scores. Beginning Feb. 22nd our Friday WOD will be the Open Workout. Now here’s where the fun comes in. Every Friday Night at 6 pm, instead of attending your regular Friday class, you’ll have the opportunity to come out to the box and workout in heats with other athletes. We call this time Friday Night Lights! It’s a time to break out of the normal class time and see other athletes from other classes at the gym. These Friday nights are the most exciting time of our year and we’d love for you to invite your family and friends and even your enemies so they can witness your hard work and hopefully cheer you on at the same time! 

    The last few years we’ve formed different teams to compete against each other. This year it’s all about you! How much work have you put in this year? How bad do you want it? How willing are you to go to the dark place when no one else is depending on you but you? This year you’re competing against your own doubts. You have the perfect opportunity to prove to yourself and everyone else that you can lift more than you’ve lifted, you can complete more rounds than you thought you could. At the same time you’ll be working right next to someone that’s pushing at the same time and you two will eventually push each other further than you expected! You’ll love it. 

    There are two posters at the gym for you to signup and submit your scores so you can see how well you do against other athletes at CFZ and so we can see who’s participating this year. You can also go to games.crossfit.com and sign up to compete against all the athletes worldwide. You can log your scores on the Games App and be able to tell where you rank against others in the state, country and world in your age group. 

    The coaches can’t wait to throw down with you guys this year! We witness your hard work everyday and we know you’re ready to show what you’re made of. Let’s see who shows up and earns some bragging rights. Who has the best times each week? What class has the most participants? Who has the biggest P.R.? All of these questions can only be answered if you show up! See you Friday Night February 22nd at 6pm. 
    CrossFit Zachary Staff

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