• Couch to Crossfit is Coming

    Couch to Crossfit is Coming

    There is no better way to kick off post Mardi Gras guilt then with Couch to CrossFit at CrossFit Zachary. Did you already fall of the wagon with your New Year’s resolutions?

    Couch to CrossFit is a program for anyone and everyone! Look forward to a welcoming environment that reduces stress, deflates any CrossFit myths, is FUN, and ultimately provides an avenue for ongoing success. Participants will be motivated, ready to take over the world, and begin their journey to being stronger, faster, and healthier!

    The 4-week couch to CrossFit program is delivered over 4 Saturday sessions starting on February 13th. The Saturday after Mardi Gras at 10:00am. Each session will be jammed packed full of knowledge, quality instruction, and FUN! Together we will warm-up, learn skills, movement concepts, exercises, basic conditioning, and basic mobility. If that seems overwhelming, don’t worry – it is absolutely not! One benefit of our program is that is can be scaled for anyone and everyone, regardless of experience or athletic ability. The only thing you’ll remember will be how much fun you have moving around and breaking a sweat!

    After all the knowledge bombs are dropped and we are done sweating, we will slow it down by taking some time to distribute and introduce the weekly assignment, talk about recovery, and give you the opportunity to ask questions. Yes, you read correctly – there is some work that needs to be done during the week! You will receive weekly tips, at home workouts, and actionable tasks. Don’t worry, there are no thesis papers due! We are just asking for 15-20 minutes of your time, 3-4 times a week! Everything is working towards the goal of long-term success. Stick with it and you will be well on you way to rocking 2016!

    That about sums it up! Couch to CrossFit 2016 is coming! If you are ready to rock, head over to crossfitzachary.com or click on the registration link here!

    Committed to Your Success,


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