• CFZ Post-Open Plan

    CFZ Post-Open Plan

    Dear our favorite people on the planet,

    The 2016 Crossfit Games Open is now over, the past 5 weeks have been a lot of fun and we have been thoroughly impressed by the effort that you all put into those work outs each week. With that being said, now it’s time to shift our focus back to simply becoming the most physically fit individuals that we can be day in and day out.

    Our plan going into the next 2-3 months of training is going to be formatted only slightly different from what we became accustom to prior to the Open. As coaches we have decided that we want to begin this 2016 “off-season” by following the philosophy of many (if not all) college strength and conditioning programs around the country… we’re going to get our legs super f***ing strong! As a gym we are going to do this by following the squat methodology of the one strongest weightlifting teams on the planet, which just so happens to be located right here in Baton Rouge. The Gale Hatch weightlifting team is internationally known for having some of the strongest pound for pound squatters around, so why not train like the strongest in the world? In 2013 Coach Gale Hatch was named “A Legend in the Field of Strength and Conditioning” by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, and in recent years his training system has been influential with strength coaches at LSU, Alabama, Miami, Tennessee and Florida State resulting in 8 BCS National Championships! The Hatch System is simple, it calls for Back Squats and Front Squats on the same day followed by some posterior chain work. The program will be periodized over 8 weeks based on our 1RM in both of those lifts, so we will be following our percentages for each set of squats very closely.

    The week immediately following the 5th Open work out we will test our 1RM’s in the Back Squat and Front Squat, the following 7 weeks we will follow our “CFZ Hatch Squat Cycle” based on the percentages mentioned above. Squat days will be on Mondays and Fridays, with longer duration conditioning and gymnastics practice falling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. We will continue to have Thursdays be our active recovery days, BUT if you are unable to make it to the gym on a Friday for any reason we encourage you to come on Thursday to get your squats in. The coaching staff is extremely excited to see just how strong our gym can become in 2016!

    Yours In CrossFit,

    Coach Bailey

    Bailey-Bowe 500

    *Note – Those who come in to squat on Thursdays will NOT be working out with the class. Coach Fabian will give you a squat prep warm up to follow, then you can knock out your exercises at your own pace.

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