• Bubba Leggett: Thanks For Helping Me Find Out What I Am Made Of

    Bubba Leggett: Thanks For Helping Me Find Out What I Am Made Of

         As a 44 year old guy that still has a pretty elaborate bucket list of backcountry hunts to achieve, (including a 9-day drop camp Alaska Tundra Caribou hunt the 2nd and 3rd week of August this year) I was looking for an exercise program that would work me in the same way as everyday movements to build strength and endurance for walking miles with a backpack.  Regular weight training by myself wasn’t giving me what I was after. Through a lot of reading and discussions with those who do CrossFit, I figured I would give this a try.
         After a lot of  “pre-discussion” with current members I work with, I was pretty well prepared for what to expect. Even though I thought I was ready for the RX workouts, it doesn’t take you long to realize the CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR motto.
         My first bright spot worth mentioning actually happened just this week when I pulled off a few double-unders.  It’s still a work-in-process, but I seem to be getting better.   I am determined to become proficient in the double-unders and working to get my reps up with the plain ole strict pull-ups. Admittedly, I still hate a Wall Ball!!
         After only being here a short time what stands out the most to me is the way that the coaches have the knowledge to scale these workouts to allow all walks of life to build strength in the same movements, in so many different ways. The classes are all very friendly and everyone is there to cheer on and help with advice to get each other to their goals….unlike the gym with walls of mirrors and everybody holding up the machines while they have texting conversations!
         Overall my experience here has been a great improvement for me.  My dad is a retired, 100% combat-related disabled, Vietnam Veteran with multiple health issues and I see his struggles regularly. I want to take my health and fitness to the next level to hopefully be making sheep hunts in the mountains as I get older instead of dr. appointments. CrossFit has personally helped me not only get stronger physically, but more importantly, mentally. As I started this I should have known there was something to the fact that the only people that I found to talk bad about this type training were those that don’t do it.
         CrossFit Zachary is pretty much out of my way being that I live in Watson.  I joined despite the commute because I know a few of the members already, and I felt the coaching staff was what I was looking for. My intention was that if I were to stay with it, I would just transfer to a place closer to home.  At this point, I don’t see that happening.
         Thanks for helping me find out what I’m really made of and not just what I thought I was made of…
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