• 10 Minute Video for Better Hip Mobility

    10 Minute Video for Better Hip Mobility

    Tight hips not only sabotage your squat depth, but they can also have a negative impact on your lower back. Conversely, having good mobility in your hips is great for your lower back and helps you hit PRs when you’re under the bar. But if you’re a runner or you spend your day in a seated position, then it’s likely your hips are plotting against you.

    This ten-minute follow-along video will mobilize your hips through a series of standing poses followed by stretches on the floor. This sequence is intended to work on both your inner and outer hip. Meaning, if you’re tight in the groin or the sides of your butt, you’ll hit both those areas.

    Don’t worry if you think you’re too tight to even stretch your hips. The video shows modifications for all the positions. You will want to have either a yoga block or a stack of books on hand, though.

    And while you’re working on your hips, take a moment to breathe. Mobility work is a great time to let both your mind and body slow down. So see if you can release a little bit of tension in both areas during these stretches.

    To have looser hips and a more relaxed mind, follow along with this ten-minute video:

    *Courtesy of Whole Life Challenge


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